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Qualified Attendance

2022 - 2023 Finals Qualification

2022 - 2023 Central 4 D Finals Qualifications:    We have decided to open our year end finals to ALL members regardless of how many shows they have attended.  The entry form is uploaded to the race information.  Pre entries MUST be received by September 9th.  To receive year end awards you must have attended 7 shows. 

Friday night race is open to everyone!  Exhibitions start at 1pm and end at 4pm.  Class will start at 5pm.  Books will close after the first horse runs.

Saturday and Sunday is open to all members.  Class will start 10am each day.  Sunday will be in full reverse order with year end awards following the race.  Entry form can be found on the schedule page under event info.  Mail in entries must be received  by the 8th of September and will retrieve final mail on 9th of September.  Late fee on site of $15.00 applies to Saturday and Sunday entries.

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