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Shawnee - April 2022 co-sanction with Racing Rebel Productions

April 16-17 2022

Shawnee, OK - Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center

Saturday: 8am-Exhibs, 3pm- OpenClass
Sunday:8 am-Exhibs, 12pm- Open Class

Enter on   Racing Rebel Productions

Entries close for pe-draw April 13 at 12pm and re-open April 14 at 8 am .

Entries will close each day at the first big drag of each division

In order for your runs to count as points you will have to pay $5.00 per horse each day in order to track your entries.  If you only want one horses time to derive your point accumulation and are running multiple horses you will have to identify which horse/draw you want your time to count towards points.  So to make it clear, if you wish for your run to count as points for the Central 4 D you will have to pay $5.00 PER HORSE each day.


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